Club Policies

To deliver the highest quality program possible, we observe the following club policies:


The Hamilton Wildcats are committed to providing an equal opportunity to all players. Every year, the Wildcats hold tryouts (by registration only) to fill the rosters of new and returning teams. All players who attend tryout sessions will be considered for a place on a team.  Unfortunately, not everyone will be selected. Returning players do not receive any preference during the selection process.

Acceptance of an Offer to Play

With each season, the Hamilton Wildcats strive to offer competitive teams at every youth age level. A challenging part is that qualified players are often turned away due to roster limits. Players that accept an offer on a Wildcat team are taking a spot away from someone else.  It is important that players and parents understand this. When accepting, they agree to remain committed to the team they join for the entire soccer season. Similarly, the Wildcats are committing to provide soccer development and competition through the duration as well. You can review the complete player agreement here.


The Hamilton Wildcats do not provide refunds of any kind.  Accepting a spot on a Wildcat team is a binding agreement to pay all fees in full as well as acknowledgement that the fees are non-refundable. The Executive Board will review any request made in writing on a case by case basis.

Red & Yellow Cards

The Hamilton Wildcats require that all red and yellow card incidents be reported to the Executive Board immediately.  Upon review of the incident, the Executive Board reserves the right to take disciplinary action up to and including suspension of coaches and players. In addition to the club policies for red/yellow cards, SJGSL also maintains the following guidelines:

  • Coaches and players who are issued red cards are suspended from league games for a minimum of 3 league games.
  • Coaches who are issued red or yellow cards will be fined and will not be allowed to return to any league games until the fine is paid.

Field Usage

Our fantastic relationship with the township enables us to use the fields at Grice Middle School and at Veterans Park. As part of our arrangement, we are expected to clean up after ourselves and respect all of the rules that are posted at the locations. All players, parents and coaches are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Respect all posted signs, including those indicating that permits are required or that fields are closed.
  • Do not climb any fences to gain access to Cowell field or any other fenced in area.
  • Clean up all garbage.
  • Park in identified spaces only.
  • Do not play or practice on fields which are wet or in areas of fields which are muddy.
  • Report any issues with fields and grounds to the Executive Board.