Hamilton Wildcats Travel Soccer

Hamilton Wildcats Travel Soccer

The Hamilton Wildcats were founded in 2004 to provide a competitive soccer experience for females in Hamilton and the surrounding communities. In spite of being a competitive program, our primary focus is developing well-rounded, passionate players.

Since inception, Hamilton Wildcat teams have won many noteworthy titles.  We have taken home NJ Youth Soccer State Cups, US Club State Cups and countless tournaments in the northeast.  In addition, our teams have also won division titles in the South Jersey Girls Soccer League, Jersey Area Girls Soccer League and the Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association.

Our girls travel soccer program consists of several key components:

  • Training
  • Fall & Spring Tournaments
  • Fall & Spring League Play
  • Club Events & Activities
  • Winter Training

Age Groups

The Hamilton Wildcats strive to field teams at every age level for both the Fall and Spring seasons. For high-school aged players (U16 and higher), teams do not play a Fall Season. The club commits to being flexible to ensure that each year, the needs are met for each age group.

Hamilton Wildcats Training

The Hamilton Wildcats put an enormous emphasis on training.

Every team receives up to 12 sessions per season (24 per year) with a paid, professional trainer. The professional trainer follows a carefully constructed, age appropriate program.  Our curriculum begins at U8 and focuses on individual skill development.  As players age, the program shifts focus to combination play and strategic growth.

Beyond the professional training that all players received, the Wildcats also require that every coach be licensed.  At a minimum, every coach must obtain an NJYS F License or equivalent or higher.

Teams will normally have two training sessions per week.  Sessions are held in the evenings at Veterans Park in Hamilton, NJ.

League Play in SJGSL

Most Hamilton Wildcat teams participate in the South Jersey Girls Soccer League (website), which covers the southern half of New Jersey. SJGSL offers a broad range of competitive levels for each age group and has proven to be a very well run league which has the best interest of the children at the top of their priorities. For Wildcat teams that are looking for more advanced competition, participation in the Eastern Development Program (EDP), Jersey Area Girls Soccer League (JAGS) or other leagues is encouraged.

Entry fees into SJGSL are included in our normal annual dues.  Fees to participate in other leagues may require slightly additional cost.



Every Wildcat team competes in up to 4 tournaments per year (typically 2 in the Fall, and 2 in the Spring). Entry fees into the tournaments are included in our normal annual dues. There are tournaments throughout the tri-state area that have proven to be excellent experiences for our teams over the years. Most teams participate in tournaments on holiday weekends such as Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Easter and so on.

Non-sanctioned tournaments (such as beach soccer tournaments) are not part of the program.  In spite of that, many teams do participate in these events over the summer.

girls travel soccer hamilton wildcats team about our club events activities

Winter Training and Leagues

Most teams do conduct weekly training over the winter in order to stay in shape for the Spring season.  Our program includes the cost of a basic indoor facility for 8 weeks during the winter.  Teams that choose to use the basic facility do it at no additional cost.

Some teams will choose to go to an alternative facility or participate in an indoor league.  In those cases, additional costs may be incurred.

girls travel soccer hamilton wildcats team about our club events activities
hamilton wildcats tournament champions

Hamilton Wildcat Tryouts

Tryouts for each new fall season are generally held in early May.  Please see our registration page for details. The Wildcats are always looking to identify and develop new players. Circumstances change throughout the season and new spots do become available from time to time. If you are interested in joining one of our Wildcat teams now or in the future, please let us know by contacting us today.

Club Events and Activities

girls travel soccer hamilton wildcats team about our club events activities

The Hamilton Wildcats hold an annual picnic at the end of each Spring season to celebrate a great year.  In addition, the club also hosts a holiday party for all of the volunteers who help make the club a success.  There are also a couple of parent meetings to start each season.  Periodically, we even do club outings to see the Sky Blue FC play.

Beyond just soccer, the Wildcats conduct fundraising events and community service activities.  We feel it is important for player development for the children to give back to the community.  Players will have opportunities to participate as ball girls in local high school competitions and to volunteer for other causes.

We are always on the lookout for players who would be a great fit in our program.  If you are interested in playing, contact us today and let us help you find a team.