When it comes to preparing for game day, there are basically 4 categories of things you need to take care of:

  1. Documentation
  2. Money
  3. Equipment
  4. First Aid Kit


There are a few pieces of documentation that you need to PRINT and have with you at all times.  Electronic copies of all of these things should be stored in the Team Documentation folder of your TeamSnap media folder for easy access.  It is recommended that you get a binder or a folder and keep all of this material together.

  • US Club Player & Coach Passes – Printed, cut & laminated
  • Official SJGSL Roster – Printed
  • Player Medical Releases – Printed
  • Field Permits for Veteran’s Park and Grice Middle School – Printed

For SJGSL games, you will also need to bring the following:

  • 2 copies of the game card printed from Got Soccer

To print your game card from got soccer, you need to visit Got Soccer at www.gotsoccer.com and login with your team credentials.  Once you have entered your team’s main area, do the following:

  1. Click on Events in the top menu
  2. Select the event that you want to print game cards for (such as “South Jersey Girls Soccer League – FALL 2018”)
  3. Click on the Schedule tab
  4. Click on the PDF Link to the left of the schedule rows which has the game number (ex: #1814)
  5. Print 2 copies of this for each game.


You will usually need to bring money to pay the referees.  This applies to SJGSL games, State Cup, SJ Cup and almost every league.   The fees for referees will vary by league so be sure to find out ahead of time.  Generally, you do not need to pay for referees at tournaments.

In SJGSL, the Total Referee Fees are as follows.  You will pay half of this fee each game (with a few exceptions):

  • 7v7 (U8 – U10) – $40 per game –> you pay $20
  • 9v9 (U11 – U12) – $90 per game –> you pay $45
  • 11v11 (U13 – U14) – $120 per game –> you pay $60
  • 11v11 (U15 – U16) – $140 per game –> you pay $70
  • 11v11 (U17+) – $160 per game –> you pay $80

In SJGSL, the HOME team can be required to pay the Total Referee Fees in the event that game cannot begin because the game field is not playable according to the referee.


The equipment that you bring with you depends on where you are playing.  For home games, you will need to bring additional gear.  Let’s start with AWAY GAMES:

  • Portable bench (if none is available at field)
  • Ball Pump

For HOME games, you need everything that you need for away games, plus the following:

  • 2 Quality Game Balls
  • 1 Set of Corner Flags (4 flags)
  • Key to unlock goals (or confirmation that they will be unlocked)

First Aid Kit

Every team should have a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand for all activities.  Band aids, antiseptic creams, latex gloves, gauze, etc.. are all things that you need to have on hand.  You can pickup a decent kit at any pharmacy or sporting goods store.