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Participating in girls travel soccer involves all sorts of rules, documents and online registrations.  This page is your one stop shop for all of the materials that you may need to reference.

Documents for Parents

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The Wildcats are committed to providing a fair and equal opportunity to earn a spot on a team to all interested players who register and show up for tryouts. To that end, the following guidelines are observed:

  • Each age group will have at least 2 open tryouts.
  • Players who require additional evaluation may be invited back for a third session.
  • To be considered for a team, players must attend a minimum of one session.
  • Players are evaluated by the club trainers based on their skills, knowledge, attitude and physical conditioning.
  • The trainers will work with the coaches to select a competitive and well-balanced team in each age group
  • Initial offers will be made to players within 2 days of the completion of the tryout period. In some cases, it could be as long as a week before you hear anything.
  • Players are requested to wear team-neutral attire. Returning Wildcat players should not wear their normal training shirts. Players interested in joining from other clubs are also requested not to wear their clubs attire.
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The Wildcats are actually one of the most affordable programs in the area. Similar clubs charge well over $1000 and provide less value. Here is what we provide for your annual fees:

  • Up to 12 sessions per season (Fall & Spring) with a paid trainer to guide the development of your players and support the parent coaches
  • Enrollment in 4 tournaments (2 Fall and 2 Spring)
  • Weekly goal keeper training during the Spring and Fall seasons for all players who are interested
  • Registration with South Jersey Girls Soccer League
  • Registration with NJ Youth Soccer
  • Referee fees for the season
  • Fields, club activities and club administration
  • A stipend to help pay for any winter activities the team does

Some teams may choose to do additional activities (such as another tournament or a winter league). There may be additional costs associated with this.

Uniforms are not included in the registration fees. They cost about $100.

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Documents For Coaches

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Help & Support For Coaches

How to Become a Coach

A lot of people wonder how to become a coach for a girls travel soccer team.  It’s really not that complicate and it involves just 3 important steps:

1.  Get Your Coaching License

In order to coach girls travel soccer in New Jersey, you need to have a license.  You may obtain any of the following licenses:

  • NJYS “F” License (sign up)
  • NJYS “E” License (sign up)
  • USSF “E” License
  • USSF “Grass Roots” or higher (sign up)
  • South Jersey Soccer Leagues Level 1 License or higher (sign up)

Important:  Once you obtain a PDF copy of your license, you need to send a copy of it to the club registrar and you need to supply a copy of it to SJGSL by following the instructions on their website.

2.  Complete the US Club Staff Registration

You must complete the detailed staff registration steps which are documented on the US Club Soccer Website.

  • Complete your safe sport training and obtain master PDF certificate (after completing all 3 sections).
  • Complete your sideine sports doc training and obtain PDF certificate.
  • Complete the background screening request
  • Forward for background screening results to club registrar and request that a coach’s pass be created.

3.  Submit Expense Reimbursement

There are fees associated with the online training and background screening.  Please pay these fees and then submit a reimbursement request to the club treasurer.  You can find the reimbursement request form on our parent resources page.

Hopefully, this was a good explanation of how to become a coach for a girls travel soccer team.


Important:  If you haven’t already done it, you also will need to register as a staff member on our website.  Please visit the Staff Registration page.


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Learning how to manage team documentation is not as simple as it sounds.  Getting team documentation in order is a daunting task.  There is no easy way to say this.  You are going to regret signing up for this job.

The first thing you need to do is gather player and coach documents

You will need the following items for each player:

  • Birth Certificate – PDF file (less than 2 MB) named -birth.pdf
  • US Club Medical Release – PDF file (less than 2 MB) named -medical.pdf (download the blank form)
  • Headshot Photo – JPG or PNG file (less than 2 MB) name .jpg

Headshot photos should be good resolution photos that have been cropped square.  They should be taken on a light color, neutral background.  Here are some examples:

Next, you will create/update your rosters in Sports Engine (KYCK)

Sports Engine is the system that we use for obtaining player and coaching passes from US Club Soccer.  In order to receive a card, you will need to add a photo, birth certificate and medicate release for each player.  Coaches will need to upload a photo, provide basic contact information and submit to a background check.

You should have received an email from Sports Engine prompting you to log in and setup your account.  If you do not have a Sports Engine account, contact the club registrar.

You need to maintain 2 rosters in Sports Engine:

  • Primary Roster
  • SJGSL Season Roster

Important: Be sure that each roster shows a fully cleared player /coach (which includes a photo, birth certificate, jersey number & medical release)

Log Into Sports Engine

Then, submit the request to have your players and coaches passes issued

Once you have provided all of required photos and documentation for all of your players and coaches, contact the club registrar and request that passes be created for your team.  Passes will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for players and 2-4 weeks for coaches.

Important: Once your passes are created, you will need to put the 7 digit pass ID for each player and coach into TeamSnap and into Got Soccer.

Next, create/update your roster in Got Soccer

Got Soccer is the system that SJGSL uses for scheduling and rostering.  You will need to maintain two rosters here:

  • Primary Roster
  • SJGSL Season Roster

Important: Be sure that each roster shows a fully cleared player / coach (which includes a photo and the US Club 7 digit ID)

In addition to these two rosters, you may also need to maintain tournament rosters here.  Most tournaments use Got Soccer as well.

Log Into Got Soccer

Jump over to TeamSnap and get your roster situated there too.

TeamSnap is the system that the Wildcats use for just about everything. Your players should already all be in TeamSnap, but their photos will not be.  Please upload player photos into TeamSnap.

Important: Be sure that you have supplied the US Club ID on each player and coach on your roster.

Log Into TeamSnap

Store a copy of your official US Club Roster and your player/coach passes

The best place to keep a copy of your official US Club Roster and your player and coach passes is right inside TeamSnap.  Use the media section of the app and store your files there for easy access.

Log Into TeamSnap



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